German election result 'alarming — Turkey's EU minister

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The centre-left Social Democrats - Merkel's government partners since 2013 in a "grand coalition" - also suffered their worst post-war result, taking 21%.

Turkey's EU affairs minister has described the outcome of Sunday's German federal election as "alarming" after a far-right party became the third-largest group in the Bundestag.

Citing "dissent" with more hardline colleagues, Ms Petry dropped her bombshell at a press conference, catching other key AfD figures by surprise as she abruptly left the room.

His speech will address three issues, the source said: "a sovereign Europe, a united Europe, a democratic Europe".

But his aides now say that the FDP and the Greens have always been pro-EU parties. "And this reminds everyone of 1933".

Alexander Gauland is one of the AfD's leaders - and now one of its MPs.

She told supporters in Berlin: "Of course we had hoped for a slightly better result".

Overall, the election was one of the two major parties bleeding support to smaller, more ideological parties.

Petry told reporters Tuesday in the eastern city of Dresden she would leave the party "in the coming days".

Uncertainty may also throw into question European Central Bank plans to reduce monetary stimulus, a move which is likely to be announced at the ECB's next meeting on October 26.

The United States will need to remain cool as Ms. Merkel and her party work it out.

The hilltop town of Bautzen, in Saxony near Germany's borders with the Czech Republic and Poland, has been a visible example of such disillusionment, with clashes breaking out in the streets last year between residents and asylum seekers. The former Goldman Sachs banker was quoted as comparing Merkel's government to "pigs" for allowing nearly 1 million migrants and refugees ― many of them fleeing war-torn nations in the Middle East ― into the country.

Josef Schuster, president of the German Central Council of Jews, said the party "tolerates far-right thoughts and agitates against minorities". Meanwhile, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party saw its share jump to 13%, and will get 94 seats in parliament, having never won any before. This is a turning-point. "We are entering the Bundestag for the first time and we will change this country". There is another factor that Germany will have to consider as well.

"Once again, the elites are learning that democracy actually means listening to the majority, no matter how much they despise their vulgar attitudes".

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