The Chilling Note Found Inside Las Vegas Shooter's Room

The NYPD is training hotel staff across the city to identify guests carrying guns in their bags after Sunday's Las Vegas attack

White crosses have been placed on the Las Vegas Strip for each victim of the concert shooting.

A Chicago hotel where a law enforcement official says Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock booked a room in August during a music festival says no one by that name stayed at the hotel. Festival-goers quickly identified the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino as the source of the shots.

What officers have found is that Paddock planned his attack meticulously.

Police who have yet to find Stephen Paddock's motive for the massacre said Friday that they will enlist the public's help.

An assistant there said: "We get a lot of corporate bookings".

When I asked if her bosses had considered closing as a mark of respect to those who fell and died so close by, she replied: "Things are very sensitive now for obvious reasons". Representatives said Paddock won about $300. At the time, it would have been illegal to kill a hibernating bear.

Friends and family held a candlelight vigil in Placentia for 38-year-old Nicol Kimura on Sunday evening - a week after the mass shooting. Marilou Danley, the killer's girlfriend, joined him on nine of the cruises.

When Discount Firearms, a large weapons store in Las Vegas, learned about the deadly shooting, it contacted authorities and told them that Paddock had bought a Daniel Defense rifle from them.

Authorities would later reveal that Paddock had surveillance cameras rigged inside and outside his room.

There's no evidence Paddock was radicalized at any point, McMahill insisted.

The attack will force the city to reassess security on the Strip and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the Life is Beautiful music festival, which were previously considered "soft" targets not needing special protection, Titus said. "Cause he knew we'd be coming out that door to gain entry into his door". That means the ATF and other law enforcement agencies never caught wind of Paddock's rifle purchases.

Hotels in Vegas and around the world already are thinking of ways to beef up their security. "Vegas is praying for the victims tonight".

"Linking [mental illness] to mass shootings reinforces the stigma that people with mental illness are ticking time bombs", he said.

Paddock also had in his car thousands of rounds of ammunition he never fired, along with explosive material. "Jet fuel is treated kerosene and is not classified as a flammable liquid, but as a combustible liquid", Clark County Dept. of Aviation spokesman Chris Jones said in an email.

At The Range 702 on Dean Martin Drive - just across the I-15 freeway from Mandalay Bay - sales assistant Dawn admitted: "Every day is as busy as this".

"His father became famous for committing crimes", Mr Lankford continued, "that's a dangerous lesson for a child".

But he pointed out Paddock filed a negligence lawsuit against the owner of The Cosmopolitan resort and casino in Las Vegas in 2012, alleging he "slipped and fell on an obstruction on the floor" that cost him $30,600 in medical expenses. "There are also areas where you have a higher population of collectors", Rabadi said.

They found a note as well as more than 1,500 rounds of ammunition and 50 pounds of explosive material in his car parked at the hotel. "And that looked straight, like, out of a movie, you know?'" It's a great town to restock on provisions between desert-wilderness areas.

Authorities have even put up billboards asking anyone with information to contact the FBI. What was the motive? The cell phones kept ringing and ringing.

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump met Wednesday with victims of the mass shooting.

The search of Stephen Paddock's three-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada, came exactly a week after Paddock opened fire on a country music crowd, killing 58 and injuring nearly 500. Investigators have said the Las Vegas gunman had 12 such devices outfitted on the weapons he amassed to mount the recent attack.

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She then acknowledged, "We were the lucky ones". "People were just dropping to the ground", said one of the concert-goers. Several of the theaters along Las Vegas' famed Strip of hotels and casinos remained open, offering free entertainment.

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Marilou Danley Releases First Official Statement on Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock
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This undated photo provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shows Marilou Danley. 'He was a private guy. In Paddock's car, multiple containers of the explosive material Tannerite and 1,600 rounds of ammunition were found.

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A Utah gun store owner has said Paddock visited his shop about a 40-minute drive from Mesquite and bought a shotgun. Rather, the sobering truth is that they could be sitting right next to you. "Just no reason, no warning".

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And they know the National Rifle Association, which spent $54 million in the 2016 election, is already preparing for a fight. Stephen was someone with "no religious affiliation, no political affiliation" and was "not an avid gun guy at all".