Michael Barone: 2016 Is Looking Like The New Normal

Trump Shifts From Aggressor to Negotiator on North Korea

Gillespie was definitely Trump without Trump.

"If he remains this unpopular or becomes even more unpopular — and his approval rating has been trending gradually downward — I would expect Republicans to suffer major losses in the midterm elections", Abramowitz said.

The ads were disgraceful: Gillespie's "Kill, Rape, Control" ad falsely warning that "Northam cast the deciding vote in favor of sanctuary cities" and, therefore, the MS-13 gang. "With 58 percent in, we are projecting that he is the winner tonight".

"That march also reminds me of 1964 when we had the March [on Washington] and there was just a change".

Though all of Virginia's statewide elected officials are Democrats, the party has lagged in the statehouse: Republicans control 66 seats in the House of Delegates, Democrats only 34. No march was comparable, not even the anti-war marches in the '60s. What happened Tuesday was worse than normal.

"That's not going to change, because we're a pro-business state", he said. Countywide, Stafford has 50 provisional ballots that could be counted if those voters provide additional information like a photo identification by noon Monday. Last week, two of the top Democrats running against Darrell Issa, R-Vista, arguably the most vulnerable House Republican in the country, started attacking each other over fundraising numbers and who was the most qualified. "Savings and investments are good".

Other contests weren't as much of a surprise.In New Jersey, Democrat Phil Murphy easily bested Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno.

The magic number is 24. He goes out of his way to voice his hostility to Steve Bannon. Republicans are looking for a boost as their party is beset by intraparty turmoil between Trump and key Republicans in Congress. He wakes up this morning in a nation where a Liberian refugee is the mayor of Helena, Montana. Yesterday's wins may portend Democratic gains in Congress in 2018. But the value of that demographic diversity will be undermined if the new lawmakers think and vote in lockstep with party orthodoxy.

Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., said at the Capitol Hill news conference that their remarks were meant to encourage Ryan and "maybe put a little pressure on him as well to come forward with that solution that a majority of Republicans can support".

"First of all, you get a lot closer to doing Medicaid expansion". "Ed Gillespie did not embrace me or what I stand for", the President tweeted, once the results were in. It is getting more diverse every day. During that period, voters were likelier to deviate from party lines after making their presidential pick. Yet as this newspaper has argued for many years, the practice is a crime against the voting public, and some mechanism - such as an independent commission - should be established to prevent it. Democrats should seize the opportunity Republicans have ignored.

The remaining 62 percent are not just "fed up". "They are part of our history".

"Virginia was never a 66-34 state", Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez told MSNBC, about the rapidly changing Virginia House of Delegates composition, after the race was called for Northam. All Ed Gillespie had to do was lose an election. The work is out there.

Views on race were perhaps the clearest predictor of how Virginians voted. "As they prepare for a battle on tax reform, she sees possibility for a victory".

At least nine of the new delegates are women. They talk a lot about the "Trump agenda", although what this means is vague.

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