Where Were All Those 'Phenomenal Men' At The Golden Globes Anyway?

Don't Make Oscar Predictions From The Golden Globe Wins Please

As society continues to increase its intake of celebrity opinions and viewpoints, it realizes they're normal people, too. I remember not being surprised.

That's ridiculous. The pattern of sexual harassment allegations, and even rape allegations, uncovered by the media should overturn the entire concept of Hollywood lecturing anyone on the morality of any subject. She never hosted a talk show, but no candidate is perfect.

Spare me what could easily look like hypocrisy.

But it's imperative that men make the decision to do the right thing despite the PR risk.

"If you're not part of the solution, it's really easy to be painted as part of the problem", said Houser. He filed for bankruptcy six times. The movement was created as a follow up to the #MeToo campaign, which began after news surfaced about Harvey Weinstein and his mistreatment and sexual assault of actresses.

I couldn't have said it better myself. The camera adds 10 pounds and about 50 IQ points. With tabloids and online blogs constantly keeping up with the latest juice from Hollywood, it's almost impossible not to hear if celebrities are talking about major issues. He did the right thing in keeping it short and sweet. If you won, you were short-changed.

"Many of us were taught not to tattle".

These women have drive, ambition, more than we do. A puritan publicity stunt. "Oprah's success in her field is no more indicative of her potential to be a good president than Trump's success in real estate was".

How dare these smug millionaires think they can become mouthpieces for this epic struggle in human liberation, cherry picking from the great feminist buffet. Everyone wore black. Women exuded empowerment and men were cuckolded into silent compliance.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. What about caring about bigger issues? Such a high level of impact celebrities had on social media that night shows there is an even greater chance of continuous impact.

Harvey Weinstein was a big story, but not that big - not months' worth.

This year, the Cecile B.de Mille Award was given to Oprah Winfrey. What did I do - I reported it or smacked them across the head - or both. Until "nobody ever has to say 'me too' again". For everyone who makes it, there are thousands of hopefuls who give up just before their big break or crack under the weight of so many failed auditions or simply the incredible competition they face. Instead, Oprah used this opportunity as a platform to encourage, and to lead. You see them on television all the time, right? They're meant to be different to us.

Several films considered fan and critic favorites, including The Post, Get Out and Dunkirk were not just shut out of the Golden Globes best picture awards Sunday, but all categories.

However, the Time's Up movement, which was the central topic of conversation at the award ceremony, ended up being less about exposing sexual harassment and more about the hypocrisy of the Hollywood community (of course minus Oprah's inspirational speech and Natalie Portman's well timed comment while presenting the award for the Best Director at the Golden Globes saying "And here are the all male nominees.").

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